4 GF Easter Sweet Brioche

Price: 15.00 GBP
2 Egg Buns with chocolate 2 Egg baguettes Contain: Egg,milk,soya lecithin, may contain nuts

Vegan G.F Custard slices (Not suitable for posting

Price: 14.10 GBP
Ingredients: water,corn, vegetable oils and fats(palm rapeseeds), rice flour,pea flour, vegetable fiber,(potatoes, rice,pea,plantain,psyllium), thickener,(xanthan gum,hydroxylpropyl, methylcellulose),alcohol, salt,buckwheat flour natural flavouring,flour treatment, acidity regulator. Custard ingredients: maize starch( corn flour), vanilla flavouring,annatto colouring, water. Icing: incung sugar, anti-caking agent: tricalcium phosphate. Chocolate: cacao mass, cacao butter, sugar, sunflower lecithin,emulsifier. Nut free NB: if you have any other allergies apart from gluten please feel free to contact us so will look for alternatives.  Thank you.

6GF Easter Spiced Traditional Biscuits

Price: 5.95 GBP
Please note: free delivery to Swansea only if you live outisde Swansea please get intouch

4 GF Easter Buns

Price: 4.95 GBP
Contain: Egg,Milk,psyllium husk

6GF cinnamon buns

Price: 12.00 GBP
Ingredients: gluten free flour, cinnamon,vanilla, gluten free butter, raising agent, xanthan gum, sugar,salt,egg, milk.